Available Positions


Lumber Piler

We are looking for team members to stack lumber in a fast paced environment. Get paid to get fit at work! Full time position stacking various lengths & species of lumber from planer green chain onto carts. Applicant must be physically fit to maintain a fast moving pace.



Access Mat Builder

We are looking for workers with strong attendance records and good work ethic. Mat Builders load jigs with 8’ and 14’ lumber, drill and bolt. Daily bonus system in place, adds considerable $ to the weekly wages if motivated. Guaranteed to keep you in shape, no need to go to the gym after work!



Pallet builders load pre-cut lumber onto pallet assembling machinery and operate nailing machines to produce finished pallets. Must be strong enough to repeatedly flip a standard sized pallet.

Pallet Assembler



Each position available is full-time. 7:00am to 3:30pm daily. (Mon-Fri)
Lots of opportunity for position advancement for the motivated and ambitious! Extended medical plus wage increase after 3 months probationary period.

If you feel you are qualified for any of these roles, please apply using the form below or submitting a resume to resumes@coldstreamlumber.com

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